Thursday, April 21, 2011

Scalloped flower

For these flower all I did was add different size and color of tulle. On the bottom flower I add a retro flower that I had punched out of a brown paper sack lunch bag and then embossed it with several layers of clear embossing powder. It gives it a translucent appearance.
Supplies. Any thing that will give you a scalloped border. I used the border that I got from a local dollar store. If you ever got to help the teacher decorate the classroom bulletin boards you know what one of these is. I got the beach one turned it over  and measured from the top towards the scalloped edge inward by an inch. Just didn't want the flower to be so wide when I was done. So your strip of material will measure 1 in wide by 18 inches long. This is really important. You have to use material that will not fray. I used some velvet brown that I got at Wal-Mart. You will trace the scalloped edge and don't worry so much about the line showing just trace it on the underside. When you are all done with cutting and sewing it it won't even be visible.
You will gather the straight edge with matching thread and don't worry if you don't have any white will do and after you gather it it is not really visible. I used white to show what I was doing in this tutorial.

After I gathered it and pulled it tight the flower pretty much comes together. The scalloped edge is what I think makes it resemble a flower more.

You will then sew the two edges together and then sew the sides together and again will not show when you flip the flower over.

You will then do the same steps with the tulle. The only thing with gathering the tulle is you will not gather it as tightly as you did the material. The tulle will get lost in the center of the flower. So just gather is very loosely and refer to the photo for a reference.

You can but don't have to. Punch or cut a 1 1/2 inch circle from card stock to help glue and hold down the flower to your project.

You will then layer your tulle on top of the material flower and you can embellish it with anything you like in the center. I used a vintage ear ring I got at a local thrift store and just removed the backing. and used my hot glue gun and glue it all together. Here again is the finished flower.

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