Friday, December 30, 2011


These are a few charms I have made for my mini's and altered projects.

This is my gold, copper, blue, and green charm

This is a Christmas charm I just did for my first ever charm swap over at Morepaperthanshoes.

Here is my second charm for the Valentine charm swap over at Morepaperthanshoes

This one is a real simple charm for my hubby's mini I made for him. I had used Recollections paper that had these wings on it. Sorry I can't remember the name of the paper. But I had these pink and black wing earrings that I took apart and used for the dangle of the charm.

I had done a class at Archivers and made a mini. But it was missing something. So of course I had to make a charm to go with it.

Made this for my son's Halloween mini a few last year. Again just took some jewelry apart.

This one is for this years Halloween mini of my kids. The back of the pumpkin has a nob you can push and it lights up.

Here is the charm I received from the Dec charm swap from Morepaperthanshoes.

And this is the second charm from the swap. I just finished the second charm for the Valentine swap over there and can't wait to get mini back.

Brown ruffle flowers

Made these flowers from a brown ruffle shirt I got from my local thrift store. It is one of those shirts that if you put it on it stretches to fit you then comes back together when you take it off.

All I did was cut a piece off the bottom and then cut it in half to make two flowers. Here is a close up of the shirt. I love using recycled items. And on my budget right now I have to. But I do find a lot of things at my local thrift store.