Thursday, May 19, 2011

scrapbook room redo over.

These are pictures of my scrap room. My neighbor redid his kitchen and gave me a few of his kitchen cabinets.
In these photos it is total chaos. I am slowing going thru things I no longer use or don't want and getting rid of them.

 This is the other side of the room. I had to pile everything there just to get the cabinets in and where I wanted them.

 Here is where they are going to go hopefully permanently.

 Just a little organization going on here in this corner. I have put all of my stamps in these draws and in this corner.

 The bottom cabinets did not come with the counter top so hubby had to cut a piece of wood. He then stained it and mounted it to the top. He stained it the color of my desk and the frame to the doors.It came out really nice.

Here is where the top cabinets sitting on the counter will go.

And finally the top cabinets are up. I will be posting several pictures over time of a few things I have picked up to store some of my supplies. Thanks for stopping by.

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