Monday, May 30, 2011

Stick pins

My stick pin box. The box was already done just added a piece of material and fiber fill.

Made these butterfly pins from some old beads my kids had. They kinda look like the Webster's butterfly pins.

I saw some of the Webster's flower pins at a lss. And I remembered I had some flower beads. Mine came with small leaves in the bag.

I used some glass heart beads to make these ones.

With these ones I just used different kind of beads. I tried to make a few for different kinds of Holidays. I really like the way the Halloween skull one came out. I lived in Japan for three years and thought I would make a few pins to go with the pictures we have of there.

And the last ones are from left over beads that I used to make wind chimes from. I still have a lot of beads left over and some of the jewelery pieces and can't wait to make more. Thanks for stopping by and having a look.
Hugs Virginia

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  1. Gorgeous. Love them all, and what a cute idea to store them in!