Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MorePaperthanShoes projects

This is the collage I made for Becky at MorePaperthanShoes. We were teamed up and got to chat with our swap partner and find out a little of what they might like. The requirements were it had to be no bigger than an 8 1/2 by ll. It also was to be an inspirational collage. Whether we wrote them a message, a quote, poems, or saying. Had a lot of fun making this. Hope Becky enjoys it.

I made these tags for my sister to enter at morepaperthanshoes image tag swap. She has been so busy taking care of my other sister. Just wanted to do something nice for her. They have such wonderful ladies there and really fun swap. So come on over and join the team.

These are my image tags I sent in for the Feb 2012 image tag swap at morepaperthanshoes.

For the inspiration team we had to make a mini/layout about Why I love thee. It had to have a hidden spot for journaling or a photo. I chose to do a tri-fold card/mini album.

Here is what the mini looks like closed.

Here it is opened up. And the first photo of the mini is laying flat.

I hid a journal tag behind the middle photo of my grand baby. The other journal tag is laying on top of a hidden photo on the left front flap. It is held on my a magnet. I used the Martha Stewart heart border punch and then added small tags behind them. I made all the flowers with the exception of the small white and pink. I used pieces of wedding trim from a haul. Made the tree stick pins. I used pink and white paper doilies. I used different papers. The dragonflies are from my local dollar tree store. The pretty lace trim is from Wal-Mart. The pink bead spray is from a local thrift store haul. I hung a clear heart from a piece of ribbon as a dangle from the side. I looked for several different tutorial on how to make the card. I followed some of the measurements and added a few of my own. The directions are below. Please forgive my drawing. If you have any questions on how to follow this let me know. The sketch below is of the card/mini itself and some of the mats for photos. The sketch below that one is for the front and back mats.

Here is my collage from Becky. I so love this. My request was anything to do with a garden and and shabby chic. I so love the quote she put on here. This looks so pretty in my scrap space.

Here is the tag for the "love is in the air" tag swap at morepaperthanshoes Feb 2012 swap. We had to use a button, lace, and a flower. I added the lace to the back side. We also had to cover the front and back. We had to use black, cream, pink, red, or brown.  #6 tags. The challenge item was some kind of charm.

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