Thursday, April 5, 2012

lace doily flower tutorial

These are some really easy and pretty lace doily flowers to make. Beginners can make them.

Here some close ups of two different flowers.

Here are the supplies.
Flowers centers of choice. Buttons, beads, old jewelry, small flowers
Pearl beads on a rope
Small crocheted lace doilies
Hot glue and hot glue gun.
Bottle caps

I first tried it using the holders for cameo and decided I could use them for cameo's. Why cover them up. And Bottle caps work just great for this.

First you will gather a small knot from the center of the doily as shown in the photo below.
This is what will be glued into the bottle cap. It helps the flower looked more gathered when you turn it over. If that makes sense. Once you have gathered the center you will knot it closed with the thread. I would use white so it don't show threw.

You will then put some glue into the bottle cap and place the knot into it.  I quickly turned it over and adjusted the flower to my liking while the glue was still hot. Her is what the bottom of the flower will look like. The bottle cap also helps you glue the flower down on your project. Just refer to the two bottom photos.

Once your flower is glued into the bottle cap and you are content with the outcome. You will them hold the tip of the pearl string. Now you can use different size doilies. So here is where you will need to measure the pearl string after you make the flower as different size doilies will make different size flowers. I just hold the tip of the pearl string and then make a loop and hold it up against the flower to make sure the loop is not longer then the flower edge. Once I have decide the right size I then count how many pearl dots I will need for the flower I cut the pearl rope. You will need six of these loops.

Next you will glue and connect the loops and set aside. Once you have all six

You will then start to glue them to the center of the flower. Quick note.  Do not add a lot of glue to the center of the flower and then add your loops as the hot glue can make your loop come unglued. Just small amount at a time.

Once you have them all glued down. You can add more glue in a small amount to the center of the pearl loops and quickly glue you flower center of choice making sure your loops don't come unglued. And there you have a pretty lace doily flower. Hope you give this a try. Also try using different color pearls on a rope and different color lace doilies. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. Hugs to all.

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